The soft seal of the seat for gate valves can be represented by an elastomeric gasket such as the O-Ring which has the peculiarity of being supplied with a hardness of 98 SH in AED condition, with the use of materials such as HNBR, FKM, FKM GLT, FKM GF, etc.

The elastomeric gasket mentioned above must be mounted in the appropriate groove hollow with the use of special equipment that allows the correct and uniform insertion, avoiding damage to the gasket.
For large seats, the elastomeric gasket is placed manually in its groove and then secured by a metal ring.

Gate seat with O-ring.

  1. O-ring
  2. Right pilot plate
  3. Gate lower stop
  4. Left pilot plate
  5. Anti-extrusion ring
  6. O-ring
  7. Springs
  8. O-ring or grease guard