Delta Ring.

The Delta Ring is the gasket used to replace the O-ring in the seats with soft seal on the ball.

In some projects it is flanked by a thermoplastic rigid insert (protector) insert, in other situations the thermoplastic insert acts as a scraper.

It is produced with selected elastomeric materials between various types of Nitrile and Fluorinated rubber with a hardness of 98 SH and in AED (Anti Explosive Decompression).

Here is a selection of some commonly used elastomeric materials, taking into consideration the multiple conditions of the use of the valves:

  • HNBR AED indicated for operating temperatures including -35°C/ -46°C to + 160 ° C.
  • FKM / Viton A AED – FKM / Viton AED – FKM / Viton GLT AED – FKM / Viton GF AED for temperatures from -25°/-37° to + 230°/ 250°.