Thermoplastic hard insert.

The hard insert is a gasket made of thermoplastic material used for seats with soft seal.

The most commonly used tecnopolymers are:

  • P.T.F.E. filled CG, filled glass – PTFE DYNEON TFM – PTFE CABFLUOR M25, mostly used at high temperatures, but for low pressures.
  • DEVLON V API – NYLON 6MOS2 – NYLON PA12G / Lauramid – ERTALON 6XAU – SINVEX SMX, replacing rubber for critical situations.
  • PEEK virgin – PEEK filled PTFE – PEEK filled PTFE+CG – PEEK filled CARBON 30% for special features is ideal for high pressures and high operating temperatures.
  • PCTFE / Kel-F is strictly indicated for cryogenic valves.

The rigid insert work must be carried out with tolerances such as to guarantee perfect interference during the pressing in the groove and the total absence of air on the bottom.

BBD, after years of research and experience testing, has come to optimize the insert size with respect to the housing cavity with the appropriate drafts in relation to the thermoplastic materials used, as well as the push force of insertion press into the groove.

The thermoplastic hard insert, after having been pressed into the dedicated groove, is machined to give the correct sealing profile with the ball. The insert sealing profile geometry can take different shapes according to the designs.